About Us

About Us

As Digital Industrial Products which was established in 2009, we have providing complete electronic solutions from kit designing and developing in Industrial Sector and provide R & D support, to lot of Industrial Set up in India


A dedicated team is set up to exploit the potential of renewal energy under M/s Sun Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd with a Brand Name of Digital Solar, the teams focus is to continuously develop the new products and improvement on existing product in order to achieve and maintain market leadership, our core values are Quality, Service and Development


We have pioneered the BLDC Solar Ceiling Fan in India, as a first mover our objective is to ensure Quality product with Better Output hence we are the only OEM providing the fan below 24 Watt power consumption in (std 48”)


To Focus on Brand Building and Marketing our products we have set exclusive marketing and service team under M/s Universal Green Technologies


To develop High Performance Energy Efficient products through continuous Research and Development in exploiting the most available resource that is Solar


To be the Best Made In India Company in manufacturing